Tony’s Big New Year

Brian’s Resolutions For The New Year
January 7, 2015
Kyle Sets His New Year’s Goals
January 8, 2015

Tony Welsch - Junior Loan OfficerEverybody has their goals for 2015 and I’m no different. My goals are just a little more…child oriented. For those of you that know me, my wife and I have a son, Owen. He’s one and a half, and is probably the world’s smartest kid. I decided that my goals this year were to teach him how to use the toilet for all of his business and tie his shoes. I’m a pretty tall guy, and tying that kid’s shoes is a pretty long journey to get down there. When he learns how, oh boy, will my back thank him.

The toilet should be an easy sell for him. He’s very analytical, so learning the process isn’t the problem. He’s already figured out that number one goes there, so I’m very confident on number two making an appearance soon.

Tying the shoes though, that’s tough. Heck, I know adults that don’t do it well. However, I think he can get it figured out, and I’ve got a while to teach him before he turns two.

I do have a couple of personal goals, too. I’ve noticed that I’m just not getting enough potassium and iron, and that’s ridiculous. That’s a problem that I can fix with a banana and a chicken breast, so I’m getting that taken care of.

My last one is a bit selfish. In the days before I worked with Ryan Kelley, I was a Lead Game Designer, and I still love games, and need to find a way to spend more time playing both video games and board games. I love the social aspect of these, and it’s a great way to keep in touch with my friends.

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