St Louis

December 19, 2016

Get a Mortgage From a Human, Not an Algorithm

Buying a home is a different transaction from almost any other.  When you are shopping for a new home purchase, the biggest purchase of your life,…
December 14, 2016
What Is A Mortgage Refinance?

What Is A Mortgage Refinance?

What is a Mortgage Refinance? A mortgage refinance is a reworking of the amount that you owe on your current mortgage, to account for a change…
November 25, 2016
Black Friday

Save Real Money on Your Mortgage This Black Friday

You’ve all seen the videos.  You’ve heard the stories.  Black Friday is next week.  People leave the comfort of their Thanksgiving table to stand out in…
November 23, 2016
Happy Thanksgiving

We’re Thankful For All Of Our Past Mortgage Clients

Thank You! When we look at the past year and think back, we are so thankful here at The Home Loan Expert offices for the support…
November 21, 2016
Calculator and Home Expense Tracking

Why a Refinance Now Makes Sense

Low mortgage rates and the threat of a rise under a new administration make this possibly your last chance to save thousands of dollars on your…
November 18, 2016
Happy Person Who Refinanced

Change Your Life With a Mortgage Refinance

A mortgage refinance is a life changing event.  It’s a step toward financial health and a better life.  It’s that important to make sure that you’re…
November 16, 2016
Two People Discussing Home Equity

How Does Your Home’s Equity Affect Your Finances

Equity describes what the value of an asset is after subtracting any liabilities from the value of the asset. If you own a car that’s worth…
November 14, 2016
Snow Covered Home

Start Winterizing Your Home Today

With winter approaching and November halfway over, it’s time to start looking at ways to keep your home secure from the elements for the cold end…
November 11, 2016

Do You Need a Cash Out Refinance For a New Roof?

With winter on the way in the Midwest, it’s time for everyone’s favorite activity: checking the roof.  Every homeowner needs to know that their roof is…
November 9, 2016
Ways To lower Your Monthly Home Payment

Ways to Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

No matter what it is, everyone wants to pay less for it.  From groceries to your car, everybody’s looking for an edge.  So why are there…
November 7, 2016
Refinancing Tools

When Should You Refinance

When should you refinance?  It’s a topic on every homeowner’s mind right now, with rates at rock bottom lows and home values skyrocketing.  It’s the time…
November 4, 2016
Calculating How To Pay For A Refinance Loan

Reasons to Refinance TODAY

Everyone has their own reasons to refinance their home.  It’s a personal choice that depends on a lot of factors in your life.  Not everyone qualifies,…