February 13, 2017
Feel The Love For Your Mortgage

Feel The Love…For Your Mortgage

With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow, we wanted to start thinking about how you can fall in love with your mortgage.  Since you’re already paying it…
January 6, 2017
Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Quit Living Paycheck to Paycheck With a Refinance

With over half of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck and nearly 70% having less than $1000 inn their checking accounts, it’s a precarious time for many homeowners.  What…
December 21, 2016
Christmas Presents

A Cash Out Refinance Can Help This Holiday Season

A Cash-Out Refinance is a mortgage program where you refinance your home loan for more than you owe, while pocketing the difference.  It’s a way to…
October 27, 2014

Indianapolis Home Mortgage Loans

Indianapolis’ Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley, has operated with one goal since 2004 to ensure that everyone, whatever their story, has access to the lowest possible…
October 27, 2014
THLE Chicago Office

Chicago Home Mortgage Loans

Chicagoland‘s Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley, has worked since 2008 to ensure that every Chicago citizen has access to the lowest rates available, no matter their situation,…
October 27, 2014
THLE Building

St Louis Home Mortgage Loans

In St. Louis, Ryan Kelley, The Home Loan Expert, has worked since 2004 to ensure that every family, regardless of their means or situation, has access…