Home Purchase Loans

October 19, 2016
Man Learning About Escrow

Mortgage Definitions: What Is Escrow?

There are a lot of terms that get thrown around during the mortgage process and things that you need to know.  We want to take some…
October 7, 2016
15 Year vs 30 Year Loan

15 Year vs 30 Year Mortgage

When you’re buying your house, there are a lot of different options.  FHA, Conventional, Jumbo, VA, USDA, there are tons of different configurations for your mortgage. …
October 3, 2016

Four Things Your Loan Officer Wants to Know

When you’re applying for your mortgage, we obviously want to know all about your financial history, and we need to see a lot of paperwork.  But,…
September 12, 2016
FHA Loan Solutions

How An FHA Can Help You Afford Your Dream Home

Interest rates are low, and thousands of homeowners are looking for the best way to buy a home at these historically low rates.  However, not everyone…
October 27, 2014

Home Purchase Loans

Whether it’s your first home or your tenth home, nobody makes buying a home easier. Same-day pre-approvals, and we can close within two weeks without any…
October 27, 2014
THLE Chicago Office

Chicago Home Mortgage Loans

Chicagoland‘s Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley, has worked since 2008 to ensure that every Chicago citizen has access to the lowest rates available, no matter their situation,…
October 27, 2014
THLE Building

St Louis Home Mortgage Loans

In St. Louis, Ryan Kelley, The Home Loan Expert, has worked since 2004 to ensure that every family, regardless of their means or situation, has access…
October 23, 2014

The Home Loan Expert Story

  THE HOME LOAN EXPERT Ryan Kelley, The Home Loan Expert, hasn’t come out of nowhere to become the nation’s #2 FHA Lender and #9 nationally…