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When you chose to plant your family’s roots in the beautiful city of St. Louis, Missouri, you could not have been more thrilled and confident that you made the right decision. You did not foresee the challenge of paying back your children’s college debt along with an increase in the cost of living and now you’re struggling to meet your mortgage payments. The Home Loan Expert in St. Louis can help you get back on your feet again so you can keep living your dream and enjoy everything St. Louis has to offer. The HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) was designed to benefit those who experience these unforeseen circumstances. Let The Home Loan Expert walk you through all of the details!

If you’re approved for a HARP, you can expect:

  • Competitive rates
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure forgiveness
  • A month without a mortgage payment

In most cases, you might not even need a home appraisal. And if your credit has taken a recent dip, come talk to us! We will still work to get you the best rates we can to ensure the HARP works for you. In addition, one of the biggest advantages with this program is that you will not have to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI). This program is designed to help the people of St. Louis feel comfortable in their own homes again.

The Home Loan Expert can guarantee a quick turn around time with a speedy application process to keep you aware and confident in our services. We provide one-on-one customer service where our agents meet face to face with you, instead of over the phone. When applying for a HARP, there will be less confusing paperwork and we will always contact you with daily progress reports.

Our extensive expertise and understanding of the St. Louis housing market is not something many lenders share. When refinancing your home, it is imperative that the agent you’re working with understands the concerns that come along with such an undertaking. Remember, the offer for this refinance-only program expires on December 31st, 2018. You need to make sure you act quickly so that you can once again feel safe and secure in your forever home. The Home Loan Expert in St. Louis will be sure that once you’re approved for the HARP, you can go back to living and enjoying your life again. After all, homeowners deserve nothing less than to spend the rest of their days enjoying the gift they worked so hard to receive. Let The Home Loan Expert help!

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Why Choose The Home Loan Expert

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Customer Service

Our customer first approach to mortgages is what separates us from all of the other banks and mortgage companies. Our team will walk you through the process to ensure that your loan closes in a very timely manner. Our competition may think our philosophy on face-to-face customer service is excessive but our clients sure do appreciate it.

We Are The Experts

Our team has set the standard in the mortgage industry. We hire only the best in the business. Our knowledge and experience is unmatched. We continue to train and study new mortgage loan programs to make us the best choice for mortgage refinancing and home purchases, debt consolidation, Conventional, FHA, HARP, VA, and Jumbo Loans available.

Better Home Loans with Lower Mortgage Rates

We provide you with several different mortgage loan options to ensure that you find the mortgage loan program that best fits your needs. Because of the volume of mortgage loans our team closes and the great relationships we have forged within our industry, we’re able to offer the most competitive mortgage interest rates to our clients.

We Are Mortgage Lenders, Not Mortgage Brokers

As a direct mortgage lender, our process has been streamlined from start to finish. Having the entire mortgage loan process contained under one roof allows us to quickly and efficiently close your loan. Our ability to use the newest mortgage loan products and underwrite our own files, allows us to approve loans that our competitors can’t.

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"Being a Business Owner is About
More Than Just Bottom Lines."

“Running The Home Loan Expert is two jobs in one.  On one side, I lead our team who help customers fulfill their home ownership dreams. On the other hand, I organize and put forth a lot of time in to giving back to the communities that we serve. Whether it is donations, sponsorship, climbing Mt. Rainier, marching in the desert, stepping in the boxing ring, or donating my time, I do whatever I can to help those in need. The Home Loan Expert understands that, without our local community, we can’t be successful, that’s why we believe giving back to those who have helped us build our business is so important.”

-Ryan Kelley, Founder of The Home Loan Expert

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