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November 14, 2014
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November 17, 2014

With many Chicagoland mortgage companies, they charge an application fee on top of the expenses involved with purchasing a home. Ryan Kelley – The Chicago Home Loan Expert – thinks that this is ridiculous. “The application fee is used by a lot of other mortgage companies as a revenue stream, because they’re not confident that they can get a loan for everyone who applies,” says Kelley. “We don’t NEED to do that, because we don’t take an application that we don’t think that we can get a loan for. We NEVER charge an application fee for a home mortgage loan. We just don’t believe in it.”

The Home Loan Expert has the best interest rate, whether it’s for a home refinance loan, or a loan to purchase a new home. They can get a loan for you, and will help with the entire process, whether it’s for an FHA, HARP, VA, USDA, or a Jumbo Loan. Ryan Kelley is The Chicagoland Home Loan Expert for a reason – he was named as #2 in the nation for FHA loan value, and #4 nationally for most closed loans, along with being top 20 in the country for total closed loan volume. No other lender in Chicago can match that kind of resume and knowledge.

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