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[iconbox2 type=”hex_box” icon=”bk-number-20″ i_color=”#0251c0″ title=”No Down Payment Required With The Hero Loan” t_color=”#0251c0″ content_color=”#b2b2b2″]Save money and get in to your new home quicker [/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex_box” icon=”im-window-2″ i_color=”#0251c0″ title=”No Private Mortgage Insurance With The Hero Loan” t_color=”#0251c0″ content_color=”#b2b2b2″]This could save you hundreds of dollars per month[/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex_box” icon=”bk-discout” i_color=”#0251c0″ title=”Competitive Interest Rates With The Hero Loan” t_color=”#0251c0″ content_color=”#b2b2b2″]Rates 0.5-1% lower than conventional interest rates[/iconbox2]

The Hero Loan For Veterans or Active Military

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Call Us Now At 8009916494
Ryan Kelley The Home Loan Expert

The Hero Loan: Your VA Loan Advantage


The Hero Loan, a VA Loan with The Home Loan Expert, is one of the products we’re most proud to offer.  It allows men and women of the armed services and their spouses to purchase a new home.  Borrowers can pay off their home loan at any point without having to worry about a pre-payment penalty.

  • There is no down payment required with The Hero Loan
  • No monthly private mortgage insurance (PMI) with The Hero Loan
  • Use your Basic Allowance for Housing to pay some of your mortgage costs with The Hero Loan
  • Borrow up to 100% of the value of your home with The Hero Loan

These flexible, government-backed loans come with significant benefits to veterans who might otherwise struggle to obtain financing.  Let’s talk about how we can help get you started on the path to home ownership with The Hero Loan!

The Hero Loan For Active and Retired Military Personnel

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Ryan Kelley The Home Loan Expert
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Call Us Now At 8009916494
Specialty Loans From The Home Loan Expoer

Learn More Below About The Hero Loan Option For You!

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