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August 17, 2016
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August 22, 2016
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With home prices rising and interest rates dropping, everyone is looking to get the best deal they can on the biggest home.  With everyone out shopping, inventory is low.  So how can you find a bargain in a market where everyone is looking?  Here are three sneaky tips to help you find a home that is a unique bargain and can become your dream home.   When you’re ready to buy, apply online with The Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley!

Getting Bigger – Look for old houses

I’m not talking about buying a home from the early nineteenth century here.  You want to look for homes that may not have had the paint or wallpaper or carpet updated for years.  Remember, you will own it.  You can redecorate this house however you want!  Don’t let floral wallpaper or shag carpeting throw you off.

Look for a home that has solid foundation and a good roof.  If you can look past the décor and see the possibilities, you can really score a bargain.

Getting Bigger – Jump on old listings

When homes languish on the listings, the owners may start to panic.  Even if the price hasn’t changed, take the opportunity to offer them less than they’re asking and save some money.  Remember, this home has been on the market for a while for a reason.  As long as you get a good inspection to make sure that it’s not on the market for a real problem, you can make an offer with confidence.

Many homes sit on the market because the owners overvalue them.  Sometimes, a home is valued right, but the neighborhood may hurt.  Some homes don’t sell because of issues that you can fix.  Find these homes and offer them a lower amount.  You may catch a desperate seller who is ready to deal.

Getting Bigger – Fixer-upper

Look at the home critically.  Do you think you can make improvements?  Ask to see blueprints to find out where load bearing walls are, and where you can knock down walls or expand closets.  Want a man cave but there isn’t one in the house?   You can always build one if there’s an unfinished basement.  Think creatively about the house and learn how you can sculpt the house into what you want.

As long as you plan ahead, you can make almost any home into the home of your dreams if you’re willing to work, or willing to pay someone else to do it.  You can also add on to the home.  Build a room on the side of the house.  Add a garage.  Create the home of your dreams out of a home that you can afford.

Hopefully we helped you find some answers to finding a bigger home.  If you still have questions, ask us in the comments here or on Twitter.

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