Dunc and the St Louis Home Loan Expert

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December 17, 2014
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December 22, 2014
Ryan and Dunc at 101

Ryan and Duncan at ESPN 101Several years ago when I started doing radio advertising I got paired up with a great guy. He was the host of St Louis’ ESPN 101 PM drive show The Fast Lane. He is also 2006 World Series Champion and most people consider him a local hero. The guy is Chris Duncan and over the years our relationship has grown from business into an amazing friendship. Chris is a big guy standing way over 6 feet tall, but is probably one of the nicest, most caring people I have ever known. He has been through some tough times both on and off the field, but this guy fights like no one I have ever met before. After a career ending injury he ended up on the radio and instantly became a huge hit. There isn’t a single sports talk radio guy in this town that doesn’t love listening to his show and some of the saying he comes up with is just hilarious. Tell your friends you want to meet for some “Man Sodas” and they will know right away that it’s time to go grab a beer. Chris is an amazing guy and there is no way that I’d be The St. Louis Home Loan Expert without him.  His charisma and passion helped convince people to give us a shot on their home mortgage loans and refinances.



If you know Chris or anyone else that has battled with cancer, I would highly recommend making a donation to the hospital that have done so much for both Chris and his mother.


You can hear Chris’s show ”The Turn” live on ESPN 101 every day from 12-2 pm.