Do YOU Know Your Mortgage Rate?

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February 4, 2015
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February 6, 2015

Family Playing a GameSo, I’m reading CNBC’s website the other day, as they’re a great source of mortgage information (and news, of course) and I ran across THIS ARTICLE saying that a full 1/3 of people that responded to their survey didn’t know their mortgage interest rate? What? This is one of the absolute most important facts that you need to know about your finances, and people don’t know? I thought it was crazy, until I checked with Bankrate and saw their survey.

People, knowing your home mortgage loan rate is ESSENTIAL to your financial health! I mean, this means that if you know your rate, odds are that one of your neighbors on either side doesn’t! A full 35% of responders didn’t know their rate, and one in seven said that they THOUGHT they knew, but weren’t confident. This is the biggest bill that you pay every month! While you may know the amount you pay, the interest is how much EXTRA you pay, so you want it as low as possible, right? If you want to plan your monthly budget, wouldn’t it be nice to spend a little less every month if you have a crazy high rate?

We know that the purchase of a home is really stressful. You’re getting papers shoved under your nose the entire time, and the BIG question is always going to be “How much am I paying every month?” That’s OK, it’s an important question, and other things can fall by the wayside. No matter what, though, you need to know this information. With the FHA dropping their PMI rate (That’s Private Mortgage Insurance) to pre-2011 rates, this is the perfect time to refinance OR buy a new home.

Mortgage rates, right now, are in the 3’s. I know that you hear me yelling this at you all of the time, but if your rate isn’t there, you HAVE to call me today. If you don’t know your mortgage interest rate, check your statement next month and find out. You wouldn’t pay extra for groceries, or your car payment, or your cable bill, right? Why pay more than you have to for your home loan?

Knowing your home mortgage loan rate is a basic financial step that will help you to budget effectively. The next step? Calling The Home Loan Expert to refinance your home loan. If you aren’t in the 3’s, call us TODAY at (800)991-6494 and visit to apply online today. Nobody makes it easier to refinance or purchase a new home.