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Tying a Bow on Your St Louis Home Loan
December 8, 2014
Refinancing Your Home Loan In the Indy Market
December 12, 2014

Chicago Home Loan ExpertDuring the holiday season, debts can pile up way faster than you know. Every part of the season has massive expenses tied to it. It’s not just the presents. There are office parties, decorating the house, buying a tree, feeding your 8,000 relatives that came in to Chicago to sleep on your roll-out couch. All of these expenses can help bleed your bank account dry during the holidays. Many people turn to credit cards during this part of the year, and that can be a HUGE mistake. The cascade of debt that can arise from taking out multiple loans from different sources, along with high credit card interest, can lead to financial ruin for many.

For homeowners, there is a much better way. A debt consolidation home refinance loan with The Home Loan Expert is a great way to take the equity in your home and use it to get yourself out of a jam. Think about it. Why pay credit card companies 15-20% interest on your balance, when you can get a home mortgage loan, refinance to a lower rate than what you’re paying NOW, and pay off all of those debts at a lower interest rate than you’re currently paying. Looking for a home loan interest rate in the 3’s? We’ll take a look and try to make it happen. You can lower your payments, shorten or extend the life of your loan, and pay off those bills that have been hanging over you for months.

Call our Chicago office today at (773) 770-4727 and visit to apply online for a debt consolidation home mortgage loan. There’s never been a better time to refinance and resolve some outstanding, or just higher interest rate, debt. Give us a chance to fix your finances. Nobody makes it easier than The Home Loan Expert!