Catherine Cares

Catherine Cares provides Heartbeat Bears, as well as restaurant and fuel gift cards to families of babies who receive a devastating diagnosis. With the help of Build-A-Bear Workshop, we designed our Heartbeat Bears to contain a pocket which holds a recording device. When a baby receives a life threatening prenatal diagnosis, the staff within our hospital partners records the baby’s heartbeat on the device and presents the gift of a Heartbeat Bear to the baby’s family. We want families to know they are not alone on this journey. Regardless of the outcome of the diagnosis, they will come through on the other side. They may be forever changed but they will be able to smile again.


February 18, 2017

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February 9, 2017

Catherine Cares Heart Beat Bears

Today was a very special day for us as we helped our friends over at Catherine Cares deliver their first batch of special teddy bears made…