Brian’s Resolutions For The New Year

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January 5, 2015
Tony’s Big New Year
January 7, 2015

Brian McGovern - Loan OfficerSo, I’m a busy guy. When you work for Ryan Kelley, he keeps you hopping, especially the Loan Officers. I’m even the Chicagoland guy. When we have loans to close in Chicago, I’m the man in the Windy City to meet in person with our clients. We close more loans than any other loan officer’s team in Chicago, and we’re generally awesome at it. However, it does take a toll on personal time to work this hard helping people refinance their home loans.

Last year, I had an INSANE board of goals to accomplish. I wanted to: Make more money (NAILED IT), Save more money (WHOOPS) Buy a house (Moved in and love it) Lose weight and run Tough Mudder (Ummmmmm…nope). So, I had a huge board of things to work on, and I got through about half of it. Well, this year I’m keeping it simple. I’m going to READ TWO BOOKS.

I love to read, don’t get me wrong. I just read more about sports, cars, sports cars, hunting, fishing, you know, stuff I like. It’s hard to carve out the time to read a whole book, but it’s something that I’ve promised myself I’d do. I’m looking for one fun book and one business-oriented book that I can take some lessons from. No, not a self-help book, a book that can help me. Wait…

Anyway, that’s my goal this year. Maybe in the comments we can get a suggestion train going. I can pick something to read and update you guys on my progress. Let me know in the comments if you have any books that you love and why, and I’ll give it a whirl.

Here’s something that everyone who owns a home should read: If your home loan is not in the 3’s, The Home Loan Expert can help you. Call our Chicago office at (773) 770-4727 and visit to apply online to refinance your home loan at a lower interest rate. I want to get those books read, but I’m just as happy reading through your loan applications. Let us lower your payments, lessen your years, or get cash out of your home.