7 Things to Never Do or Say When House Hunting

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If you’re buying a home, you’ve been to open houses and met with sellers and agents.  When you’re shopping, you need to keep a solid list of what you want, know what you can afford with a pre-approval, and for Pete’s sake, keep your mouth shut when talking to the seller and their agent!

Here are 7 things to never do or say when house hunting.

‘This paint color is horrible’

Never start out insulting the current owners.  They can make or break your sale with their opinion.  There’s no point on antagonizing them.  If you get into a bidding war, they can eliminate you as a buyer if they don’t like you.  Wait until you get in the car to tell your spouse how awful the furniture is, or how much you want to change the fixtures.

‘That’s way too much!’

You can think to yourself, “These guys are crazy, they’ll never get this much!”, but the truth is, in this market, they might!  Housing inventory is low, and prices could be slightly higher than usual.  However, even if you think that the price is way too high, don’t tell them that.  You can wait for the asking price to drop, or make a lower offer, however, you never want to say…

‘I’ll offer you [something way below asking] will you take that?’

Listen to your agent.  They have years of experience at this, and they will tell you that making lowball offers is a terrible way to buy a home.  You are antagonizing the people that you want to choose you.  Make reasonable offers and build a dialogue with the seller.  Don’t get TOO chummy, though, and say something like…

 ‘Here’s my budget’

YOU need to know your budget.  The seller doesn’t.  If you can afford to go over their price, they don’t need to know.  If you can’t afford their asking price, THEY DON’T NEED TO KNOW THAT.  Asking price is never the final price.  Don’t give away your hand.  Speaking of poker face…

‘I need this house!’

If you’ve ever played poker before, you know the importance of a good poker face.  It’s the same thing when making a big purchase or sale.  If either side sees the other one as weak or desperate, the price goes up.  Don’t freak out or gush over the house in front of the seller or the seller’s agent.  Keep that poker face up until you get in the car – then gush over the high ceilings.

‘Dish me the dirt!’

Yes, you want to know what kind of neighborhood you’re moving into.  No, you don’t want to be known as the neighborhood pest if you buy the house.  Talking to neighbors is a great idea, but don’t knock on doors or get in their faces.  Don’t sneak around the neighborhood houses, looking for issues in the neighborhood. (It’s happened!)

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