July 31, 2015

Save Thousands on Your St Louis Mortgage!

Your mortgage is likely the biggest check that you write every month. Shouldn’t you try to make it as low as possible? With today’s low mortgage…
July 30, 2015

Nashville Mortgage Rates at Historic Lows

Nashville mortgage rates are at historic lows right now, but will they stay that way?  Trends say no.  Generally, mortgage rates follow the economy. When things…
July 29, 2015

Get Your Low Mortgage Rate In Indianapolis While They Last

With the economy in recovery mode, mortgage rates are getting ready to rise again. I know that we’ve been telling you for months about how low…
July 28, 2015

What Determines My Mortgage Rate in Chicago?

When applying for a new mortgage or a refinance, there are a few factors that go into how much you will pay every month. The ones…
July 23, 2015

The Differences Between APR and Interest Rate on Your St Louis Mortgage

July 22, 2015
Calculator and Home

Shorten Your Chicago Mortgage Today

With the low interest rate mortgages available right now, why should you feel trapped in a 30 year mortgage? Right now, The Home Loan Expert, Ryan…
July 21, 2015
Mortgage Paperwork For A Loan

Does My Credit Score Affect My Indy Mortgage Availability?

When you’re applying for a mortgage, your credit score, and what’s on your credit report, are a couple of the pieces that determine whether you can…
July 20, 2015

Refinance Your Nashville Mortgage Now With Low Rates

Now is the time to refinance your Nashville mortgage. With the economy experiencing a rebound, the federal government will be looking to raise interest rates as…
July 16, 2015

How Greece’s Meltdown Could Help Your Chicago Mortgage

After the Great Recession ended, mortgage interest rates have remained low, to the point where if you haven’t refinanced since 2008, you have to get it…
July 15, 2015
Mortgage Paperwork For A Loan

How To Make Your St. Louis Mortgage Work For You

How To Make Your St. Louis Mortgage Work For You Your mortgage is the biggest bill that you have to pay every month. However; it doesn’t…
July 14, 2015

Looking For a New Home In Indy? Now’s The Time

Looking For a New Home In Indy?  Now’s The Time   People are buying homes right now in Indianapolis at an alarming rate. It’s a great…
July 13, 2015

Nashville – An FHA Mortgage Will Save You Tons

FHA Loans are one of our most popular loans.  It’s a great way to get a loan with a low down payment, and get you into…