First Time Homebuyer

March 30, 2018
Your Mortgage and Your Taxes

Your Mortgage and Your Taxes

With tax code changes coming, it’s time to look at what you can deduct from your Mortgage interest this year and how it will change for…
March 19, 2018
Advantages of a 30-Year Fixed Mortgage

Advantages of a 30-Year Fixed Mortgage

A 30-year fixed mortgage is a mortgage with a fixed interest rate that stays the same for 30 years.  Pretty simple, right?  When you get a…
February 19, 2018
Why You Should Buy a Home This Spring

Why You Should Buy a Home This Spring

This Spring is shaping up to be a perfect storm for buying a home.  Rates are still low but starting to rise, home values are rising…
February 14, 2018
Valentine’s Day Mortgage Advice

Valentine’s Day Mortgage Advice

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day where love is in the air and the greeting card and chocolate companies get rich off of it.  It’s a day…
February 12, 2018
Don’t Do Your Mortgage By Yourself

Don’t Do Your Mortgage By Yourself

When you’re buying a home, you need to have a strong mortgage lender involved to make sure that you get the best rate on the right…
February 9, 2018
It’s Important to Get A Mortgage Face to Face

It’s Important to Get A Mortgage Face to Face

When you buy a home, it is the largest purchase you are likely to make during your lifetime.  It’s a giant commitment and a massive undertaking,…
February 2, 2018

Let Your Mortgage Company Help You Buy a House

Your mortgage company has a lot of ways to help you.  We are really your best resource when it comes to making your home purchase, because…
January 31, 2018

Don’t Let a Credit Freeze Mess Up Your Mortgage

When applying for a mortgage, the first thing that the lender will do is pull your credit report to help determine whether or not you are…
January 22, 2018

Lock In Your Monthly Mortgage Price

Making a monthly mortgage payment that you can budget for is a luxury that many people take for granted.  If you have a fixed mortgage, you…
January 19, 2018

How to Get Rid of PMI

PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance is a necessary evil for many first-time homebuyers.  It is necessary because many people have trouble finding 20% to put down…
January 17, 2018

Mortgages on the Weekend

You work hard all week, earning a paycheck to support your family.  At the end of a hard day, you probably don’t want to sit down…
January 15, 2018

2 Goals To Help You Buy a Home in 2018

Goals are important.  They are benchmarks for achievement and help push you to do more than you thought you could.  Successful people set goals for themselves…