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Mortgage Blog

December 5, 2014

Refinance With The St Louis Home Loan Expert

Here at The Home Loan Expert, we have refinanced thousands of homes in St. Louis. We started here, and it’s where we’ve really built the business…
December 4, 2014

Purchasing Your New Chicago Home With The Home Loan Expert

Chicago is one of the best cities in the world to live in. From the world-class Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium to Navy Pier and the…
December 2, 2014

A Real Indianapolis Black Friday Bargain on Your Home Loan

While everyone fought and scratched and clawed their way to savings on toasters, TV’s and washer/dryers, the savvy shoppers were starting to save THOUSANDS staying at…
November 26, 2014

3 Things The Home Loan Expert Is Thankful For in Chicago

November 26, 2014

Why We’re Thankful To Be The St. Louis Home Loan Expert Team

What are we thankful for as The Home Loan Expert for the St. Louis area? Oh, boy, what AREN’T we thankful for! Since I started in…
November 25, 2014

Thankful For Your Indianapolis Mortgage Business!

I am so grateful to have the support and mortgage business from Indianapolis this year! As part of The Home Loan Expert team, I feel a…
November 24, 2014

Michael Quinonez Home Mortgage Loan Testimonial

November 24, 2014

Travis McClintock Home Mortgage Loan Testimonial

November 24, 2014

Ken Smith Home Mortgage Loan Testimonial

November 19, 2014

Will HARP 3.0 Help St. Louis Home Refinancers?

A question that we are asked a lot around the offices of The Home Loan Expert is “When will we see HARP 3.0?” Well, we have…
November 19, 2014

Get Chicago’s Best Interest Rate On Home Loans

Finding the best interest rate on a home mortgage loan in Chicago can be a difficult process, if you start in the wrong place. The best…
November 17, 2014
Indianapolis Close Mortgage Home Loan

Mortgage Companies in Indianapolis are Very Important

When choosing a mortgage company in Indianapolis, there are a number of factors to look at. Many companies rely on slick advertising and misleading interest rates…