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July 9, 2015

Get Out From Under Chicago Credit Card Debt

Are you swimming in credit card debt?  Tired of getting the calls, waking up in a cold sweat thinking about how much high interest credit card…
July 8, 2015

Save Huge On Your Nashville Mortgage With HARP

Many people looking to refinance their home know about HARP.  They may be mistaken that it can’t help them.  HARP has undergone some changes, to HARP…
July 7, 2015

Get a Ridiculously Low Interest Rate On Your Indianapolis Mortgage

When you look at your mortgage payment every month, how happy are you? If the answer is anything other than “very”, now is the time to…
July 6, 2015

You Want a Smart St Louis Home – Get a Smart Mortgage!

Homes are getting more and more complex. I’m not just talking about modern design and building materials. Homes are starting to become equipped with advanced devices…
July 3, 2015

4th Of July For The Home Loan Expert

It’s time for the biggest party of the summer – it’s almost 4th of July weekend! Time for barbecue, fireworks, and a good time for everybody.…
July 1, 2015

St. Louis! Skip A Mortgage Payment Or Two This Summer

As if lowering your mortgage payment or taking cash out in a refinance weren’t enough reasons to refinance this summer, The Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley,…
June 30, 2015
man driving car

We Come To You For Your Chicago Mortgage

When summer comes around in Chicago, there are a few things that you know you’ll see. People are having a great time on Waverly Ave., the…
June 29, 2015
happy family on the floor

The Home Loan Expert Makes It Easy In Indy

One thing that we hear from our customers a lot is how easy we make the whole process of getting your mortgage. We have been successful…
June 25, 2015
Home With A Mortgage Trend Line

Hey Nashville, Want To Skip A Couple of Mortgage Payments?

When you’re logging onto you bank or writing out that check for your mortgage every month, do you ever think “I sure wish I didn’t have…
June 24, 2015
Mortgage Paperwork For A Loan

Buying A New Home In Chicago

If you’re looking to buy a new home in Chicago, now is the time to call! You’re running out of time to get an interest rate…
June 23, 2015
New Home For Sale Sign

St. Louis Mortgages Are Easy With FHA

We know that your mortgage isn’t the first thing that you think about when you wake up, or the last thing you think about when you…
June 22, 2015
Mortgage Paperwork For A Loan

Use All Of Your Tools For Your Indy Mortgage

When you’re working on a summer project or getting things done around the house, you need to use all of your available tools to get the…