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Mortgage Blog

October 26, 2016
Ryan Kelley - Featured Top Originator

Ryan Kelley Featured as October’s Top Originator In Scotsman Guide

The Scotsman Guide, the preeminent publication for mortgage and real estate professionals, has dedicated a feature story of Ryan Kelley, The Home Loan Expert, in their…
October 24, 2016
Big Skyscraper Building

Reasons to Call The Home Loan Expert Instead of the Big Banks

Big banks are good for some things.  They’re great for taking care of your car loan, or handling your checking account.  When it comes to your…
October 21, 2016

No Matter Who You Vote For, Rates are Set to Rise

With the election set for November 8th, economists and housing market professionals are predicting that interest rates will rise, post-election.  It happens with nearly every changeover…
October 19, 2016
Man Learning About Escrow

Mortgage Definitions: What Is Escrow?

There are a lot of terms that get thrown around during the mortgage process and things that you need to know.  We want to take some…
October 17, 2016
Just Married Couple

Just Married? Here’s Some Tips To Get You Into Your Dream Home

If you’re recently married, you’re probably going through all of the steps: moving in together, combining your checking and savings accounts, changing your address with the…
October 14, 2016

Home Buying Advice (To Avoid)

When you’re buying a home, you’re going to hear from everybody around you on the best way to go about it.  You’ll undoubtedly get some great…
October 12, 2016
Home Purchase Documents

4 Reasons to Work With The Home Loan Expert On Your Mortgage

People ask us why we’re better to work with than big banks, and we have so many reasons it’s hard to answer that question.  Buying a…
October 10, 2016
Computer and Refinance Documents

3 Reasons to Refinance With The Home Loan Expert Today

When you watch the interest rates like we do, you see a truly unique opportunity.  It’s a time unlike many in recent years.  You can refinance…
October 7, 2016
15 Year vs 30 Year Loan

15 Year vs 30 Year Mortgage

When you’re buying your house, there are a lot of different options.  FHA, Conventional, Jumbo, VA, USDA, there are tons of different configurations for your mortgage. …
October 5, 2016
A Fearful Home Owner

5 Things That Should Scare You Off From a Home Purchase

Listen, we never, EVER want to tell someone NOT to buy a house.  When you call us for a mortgage, the goal is to get you…
October 3, 2016

Four Things Your Loan Officer Wants to Know

When you’re applying for your mortgage, we obviously want to know all about your financial history, and we need to see a lot of paperwork.  But,…
September 30, 2016

Do YOU Need to ReFi?

With mortgage rates in the 2’s for some borrowers, it’s time to refinance.  If you’re paying too much for your mortgage, or feel locked into a…